International Logistics Specialist

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LOCATION: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia

    General duties:

  • Calculation of logistics activities, work with logistics and customs suppliers, data entry into the company's system, preparation of reports, participation in logistics organization. Analysis of current logistics routes, development of alternative options in the countries of presence;
  • Search for new delivery partners and development of relations with existing ones, development of contractual relations;
  • Development and coordination of new operational schemes and logistics solutions;
  • Interaction with partners and service providers within the framework of operational activities, monitoring of existing processes;
  • Control of expenses and tariffs of partners, formation of target tariffs for expenses, search for opportunities to reduce the cost base;
  • Monitoring of service quality indicators;
  • Support of sales of international services of the company;
  • Reporting and document management.

    Requirements to candidates:

  • Experience in clinical research or pharmaceutical logistics/logistics organization/ international logistics/FTL/LTL transportation;
  • Knowledge of the basics of import and export;
  • Experience in logistics, air, auto, railway, sea multimodal transportation;
  • Knowledge of the specifics of the logistics of dangerous goods;
  • Knowledge of IATA experience working with loads in various temperature conditions;
  • Knowledge of Incoterms, the basics of customs clearance of various groups of goods (medicines are mandatory);
  • Experience in FTL/LTL transportation;
  • Knowledge of the basics of import and export.


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