Biological materials – storage and transportation

COREX Logistics has been providing biological materials logistics services since 2011.

Biological materials require special handling, and their storage and shipment — generally at very low temperatures — must be achieved in compliance with various local, national and international regulations. Partnering with an experienced and reliable logistics provider helps ensures the successful management of biological materials. 

Our approach

Using appropriate equipment for each temperature regime.

Advance preparation and checking of equipment.

Strict adherence to relevant temperature regimes.

Our full track and trace system gives our clients real-time, detailed progress of their cargo at every stage of storage and transportation.

Delivery the goods on time, every time to the specified addressee.

Advance route planning ensures efficient transportation and delivery without delays.

Storage of biological materials

Safe, secure storage in our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities

  • All goods stored at required temperature regimes.
  • All drugs subject to quantitative accounting are stored in a separate cabinet, and all movements strictly recorded.
  • All our warehouses are equipped with extensive security measures including video surveillance, employee electronic passes with regulated access to the warehouse areas.
  • 7 day a week service.
  • Our warehouses are furnished with a ventilation system with automatic temperature and humidity control. In addition, we employ two independent monitoring systems for temperature and humidity conditions. An alert system notifies staff of any deviation in temperature or humidity.
  • All refrigerating and freezing units are checked and validated annually.
  • Our warehouses are fully equipped with fire alarm and extinguishing systems.
  • Comprehensive pest control measure are in place in our facilities.
  • All of staff are trained to the highest level.


Biological materials – storage and transportation
Biological materials – storage and transportation

Remote temperature monitoring at each stage of the project.

Cold chain
Cold chain

Adhering to temperature standards, ensuring the integrity of the cargo at all stages.

Courier service COREX Logistics
Courier service COREX Logistics

Use of leading packaging solutions and use of calibrated data-loggers.

Delivery of drugs to patients participating in clinical trials
Delivery of drugs to patients participating in clinical trials

On time and in compliance with required temperature regime.

Temperature-controlled transport services
Temperature-controlled transport services

In compliance with the GDP standards, we guarantee the safety and quality.

Vaccine Delivery
Vaccine Delivery

Rapid, secure and safe storage, transportation and delivery of vaccines in strict compliance with specified temperature regimes.


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