COREX Logistics opens first PUD platform in Moscow

COREX Logistics opens first PUD platform in Moscow
Our new pickup and delivery hub will increase our hours of service, reduce costs and enhance our customers' experience.

COREX's new PUD hub in Moscow, will make it even more convenient and advantageous to work with us. Now we will be able to pick up the first orders of the day much earlier, and the last ones - later. Our hours-of-service will be extended by 3-5 hours, and the cost of delivery will go down.

The new hub in the south of the Third Ring Road will receive and process shipments and prepare boxes for temperature-controlled transport. Another PUD platform will open in St Petersburg by the end of the second quarter of 2021.
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At COREX Logistics we are keeping pace with these developments investing in new technologies to make the supply chain more transparent, transportation more efficient and most importantly getting vital medicines to patients safely and on time. We’re also investing in our people who will drive digital transformation.


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