Medical breakthroughs discovered in Ukraine

Medical breakthroughs discovered in Ukraine
At COREX Logistics we are proud to support the work of clinical researchers making medical breakthroughs that transform the lives of patients all over the world. Today we turn the spotlight on some major medical discoveries made by Ukranian researchers.

Ukranian medical breakthroughs:
1. Heart Disease: Ukranian surgeon Mykola Amosov pioneered a number of new methods of surgical treatment for heart disease. He performed the first mitral valve replacement and introduced a method of artificial blood circulation to the Soviet Union. Amosov created and introduced into practice an anti-thrombotic heart prosthesis for the first time in the world in 1965.
2. TB Treatment: Another Ukrainian-born scientist that revolutionized medicine is Selman Waksman. The Ukrainian invented more than 15 antibiotics throughout his lifetime and is renowned for discovering streptomycin that proved effective in tuberculosis treatment.
3. Infertility treatment: In 2017, the first baby was born to a previously infertile couple using a new type of “3 person IVF” in Kiev. A team led by fertility researcher Valery Zukin at the Nadiya clinic in Kiev used a novel pronuclear transfer method enables a baby to be conceived with the DNA of 3 adults.

COREX Logistics has been working in Ukraine since 2013 and in 2019 expanded its operations in the country by establishing a state-of-the-art logistics hub in Kiev.

COREX Logistics is committed to delivering exceptional clinical trial supply and logistics solutions that help support drug discovery and medical breakthroughs. Find out more about our work and how our experts can help support your projects by emailing:
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