Corex Academy Initivative 02 Oct 2020

Corex Academy Initivative

At COREX Logistics, we strive to create a professional community to share valuable practical knowledge and help drive our industry forward. This is why we’ve launched the COREX Academy initiative — a knowledge sharing platform for those working in clinical trials. Through COREX Academy, we host events including “Breakfast with a logistics expert”, as well as webinars focused on key aspects of clinical trials and logistics.

Recently we hosted two webinars on the Drug Development Lifecycle and challenges associated with clinical trials. More than 300 people  attended these webinars including: physicians, researchers, clinical trial coordinators, and representatives of pharmaceutical companies.

Participation was actively encouraged during the events and our audiences rose to the challenge. We even had to extend one of the webinars due to the volume of questions and inputs. Such enthusiasm means that we are on the right track.

Our speakers Maria Zaitseva and Vitaliy Shakhnazarov both have extensive experience of international audits in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. Maria and Vitaliy covered the complexities involved in clinical trial logistics and also explored the regulatory and organizational aspects of clinical trials. Using six case studies they effectively illustrated all the key issues and answered all questions posed.

Sharing this kind of on the ground knowledge and increasing levels of expertise are central aims of the COREX Academy initiative. After our webinars, we carried out a survey and asked our audience about the possible topics for future webinars. The next topic we plan to cover relates to the Named Patient Program: import of unregistered drugs.

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