COREX hosted its third “Breakfast with a Logistician”

COREX hosted its third “Breakfast with a Logistician”
Challenges of mandatory labelling explored at COREX’s third “Breakfast with a logistician”

COREX recently hosted its third “Breakfast with a logistician” event (31 Oct 2019) in Moscow, Russia. The event was an outstanding success attracting leading industry representatives from Bayer, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Novamedica, Novanordisk, Pfizer, and Merck.

The event focused on the challenging subject of mandatory labelling and its influence on clinical trials in Russia. The subject is especially topical due to recent amendments to the Russian Federal Law #61 and Orders about obligatory labeling.

It featured presentations from Svetlana Zavidova, Executive Director of the Association for the Organization of Clinical Research; 

2019-10-31 COREX 061.jpg

Anna Sukhova, Head of Pharma, Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies; 

2019-10-31 COREX 086.jpg

Vitaliy Shakhnazarov, COREX Quality Director and Maria Zaitseva, a well-known expert in clinical trials.

2019-10-31 COREX 174.jpg

Ms Zavidova spoke about the impact labelling amendments are having on clinical research in Russia. Ms Sukhova gave the regulatory point of view, presenting the steps involved in labelling and future developments to improve the system.

Corex’s Vitaliy Shakhnazarov gave information about how COREX is responding to the changes and can serve the needs of clients in relation to mandatory labelling. Ms Zaitseva was on hand to answer the many questions from attendees relating to the challenges involved for the industry.

2019-10-31 COREX 055.jpg

“Breakfast with a logistician” is a novel interactive event created by COREX where pharmaceutical industry representatives have an opportunity to discuss the issues and developments in clinical trials logistics and to hear perspectives from industry, regulatory and academic speakers.

2019-10-31 COREX 196.jpg

As demand for clinical trials logistics grows COREX is constantly developing its services and will continue to host the “Breakfast with a Logistician” series which provides a valuable forum to explore the latest issues in this evolving sector.

The COREX Team would like to thank the speakers and attendees who contribute to the success of the ‘Breakfast with a logistician’ series. The next event will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 10 December 2019.

Presentations from “Breakfast with a Logistician” you can download right now:

1. Svetlana Zavidova Presentation 1

2. Anna Sukhova Presentation 2

3. Vitaly Shakhnazarov Presentation 3

COREX is full-cycle GxP compliant clinical trial supply and logistics group with in-depth expertise and unique geographical coverage.

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