COREX Logistics opened our first depot in Russia in 2011, and since then we have proudly supported clinical trials in Eastern Europe, including Russia.

Russia is an increasingly attractive location for international sponsors conducting clinical trials due to higher patient recruitment and retention rates, lower costs and high quality data.

Clinical trials and the pharmaceutical market in Russia
International pharmaceutical companies started opening their offices in Russia in the mid-1990s and since then they have continued to develop their operations. Investment in the Russian pharmaceutical market continues to grow just 2006-2007, over 1 billion dollars was invested in the Russian pharmaceutical market, helping it advance rapidly.

Sites and regulations
The clinical trial approval process has been automatized recently and the regulatory process has become absolutely transparent. While the number of clinical research sites is still lower than in Europe, it is growing fast due to international investments. The new sites get involved in clinical trials immediately after they are opened, and the paperwork is now done online which allows the researchers to avoid long and unnecessary bureaucratic procedures. The regulations, even though strict, are followed carefully to provide high-quality services.

Advantages of conducting clinical trials in Russia
Data Acceptance
Clinical trials in Russia adhere to global standards and regulations and therefore the FDA and EMA accept data from these studies.

Large, diverse and treatment-naive population
Russia offers excellent patient recruitment potential for clinical studies due to its large and ethnically diverse population. It also has large treatment-naive populations in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Its centralized healthcare system also supports good rates of patient recruitment.

Investigator and site staff expertise
Russia boasts a large pool of experienced investigators who are motivated to take part in pioneering clinical research. In addition, there are GCP trained and certified Investigative sites generating high-quality data.

Lower costs
Costs associated with conducting clinical trials are lower in Russia when compared with EU countries and the US. Some experts have estimated cost-savings of 30-50% depending on the therapeutic area and complexity of the study.

Access to Eurasian Economic Union
Today, because of custom regulations inside the Eurasian Economic Union, it is now possible to organize multinational clinical trials throughout the Union from Russia.

COREX Logistics has a strong track record in supporting regional and international partners conducting clinical trials in Russia. We continue to develop our services as this market keeps growing and evolving. Our team offers tailor-made solutions based on our in-depth local knowledge to ensure the success of our clients’ studies.
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