Ivan Polyakov appointed Director of Digital Transformation Department at COREX Logistics

The real-time economy has a significant effect on businesses. Around 70% of executives agree that the evolution fr om traditional to digital processes is having a significant impact on their business. It is even more apparent in logistics wh ere each process from picking to transportation are interconnected and dependent upon one another for success. Companies need to be proactive in meeting customers’ needs or risk losing out on business opportunities.

The digital transformation of supply chain and logistics is already in full swing with delivery systems becoming automated, smart networks created everywhere, and data being collected and analyzed universally. At COREX Logistics we are keeping pace with these developments investing in new technologies to make the supply chain more transparent, transportation more efficient and most importantly getting vital medicines to patients safely and on time. We’re also investing in our people who will drive digital transformation.

Better engagements, fast and on-time deliveries, and improving customer support are mutually beneficial for our company and our customers. As part of our digital drive, we have recently appointed Ivan Polyakov as Head of Digital Transformation. Ivan has extensive experience in international logistics management, leading digital optimization strategies with major logistics players including Bosch in Russia and Germany. He has been central to the digitalization of key processes and the introduction of innovative software for calculating logistics costs.

At COREX Logistics, Ivan will lead our drive to transform our processes, harness the latest technology and ensure these developments deliver optimized logistics solutions for our clients.
Welcome to our team, Ivan.

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