Pharma Garden 2019: making the world a little bit better, one tree at a time!

It has become a good tradition that every Spring Corex brings together the fellow-thinkers engaged in the pharmaceutical industry to assist the Moscow hospitals in rejuvenating its grounds.

This year our annual eco-event, Pharma Garden took place in A.N. Bakulev National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery. The representatives of 15 pharmaceutical companies have joined forces to beautify an already stunning campus of the largest cardiac surgery center in Europe.

As an added bonus, the 24th of April turned out to be sunny and warm, almost beating all temperature records.

How it Happened:

At 8:00 AM our team was already on the grounds, taking planters and flowers out of the cars parked near the children’s rehabilitation center. Curious young patients watched closely how volunteers in COREX T-shirts carried bags of soil and prepared the paints and the shrubs.

Photo 1.jpg

The event had a busy agenda and started with a health-promoting “Walk with a Doctor” event. It included checking our vital signs before and after a brisk exercise routine. All participants were then given medical advice by the Bakulev cardiology experts led by Dr. Olga Bokeria. This nice warm-up energized us to get on with our eco-mission.

Photo 2.jpg

Our volunteers were then split into teams and started to plant trees, decorate flower beds, and paint the curbs. Two hours of active work in the open air are very energy-consuming and we were told that we probably burnt around 500 kcal each. Yet another nice byproduct of saving mother nature :)

Photo 3.jpg

Our work results:

24 planted apple and pear trees;

6 decorated flower beds;

all curbs painted in black-and-white colors.

Photo 4.jpg

A pleasant surprise for us was the visit by Dr. Leo Antonovich Bokeria, director of Bakulev Center, head cardiovascular surgeon of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, inventor, experimentalist, and, apart from everything else, a truly nice human being.

Dr. Bokeria took a break between surgeries to thank the volunteers. He told us about his work and pointed out that despite the state financial support, the innovative solutions in the medical sphere have become more expensive. In this respect, any help provided to healthcare organizations was much appreciated.

Photo 5.jpg

Leo Antonovich awarded all participants with commemorative diplomas and posed for photos with us.

Photo 6.jpg

At the end of the event, all participants gathered on the ground and left their wishes on a beautiful puzzle-picture that would decorate COREX offices for years to come.

It is easy to do good deeds, so join us - we look forward to seeing you next year!

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