Site-to-Patient Delivery

Site-to-Patient Delivery
COREX Logistics has developed a new service Site to Patient Delivery in response to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions on movement designed to slow the spread of the virus have resulted in many research centers in the Russian Federation and Ukraine minimizing human contact. These restrictions mean that patients may be unable to receive vital treatments and trials may be suspended. Our experts have devised a direct delivery system to ensure patients can receive their medications aimed at supporting the continuation of vital clinical trials.

The mission of COREX Logistics is to ensure the continuity of clinical trials in terms of logistics processes. Therefore, the Site to Patient Delivery service has been developed in accordance with a letter from the Ministry of Health (no. 20-1 / I / 2-3651 dated 27.03.2020) whereby the organizers of clinical trials of medicinal products in cooperation with researchers and local ethical committees in the interests of participants in clinical trials and taking into account the guarantee of data reliability can make adjustments to standard operating procedures, in particular, the use of alternative methods of patient monitoring.

Based on this guidance COREX Logistics experts have developed options for organizing the delivery of vital drugs in clinical trials from centers to patients in compliance with the temperature conditions of transportation.

With the Site to Patient Delivery scheme, medical centers can deliver directly to the patient. The main features are:
1. Delivery is always day-to-day. The request to COREX Logistics must be sent no later than 16: 00 every day and no later than 24 hours before the delivery time.
2. Based on your request COREX Logistics specialists assign a courier and place a shipment order.
3. The Courier interacts directly with the medical center, picks up the drug at the center after verification by the doctor, signs the documents from the sender, checks for the necessary contact information, and delivers the contents to the patient.
4. The recipient checks the order on delivery and signs for contents.

The COREX Logistics team will tailor its new service to each client’s requirements. Each delivery will adhere strictly to guidance from the Ministry of Health and operate incompliance with GCP, GxP and local legislation.

COREX Logistics’ Site to Patient Delivery is available to clients in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

We will continue to monitor and adapt to the evolving situation and adapt delivery schemes in advance in all regions of our operations.

Contact our COREX Logistics experts to avail of delivery of drugs from site to patients by emailing
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