let's partner
Together, we can do so much.

Our teams are committed to evaluating your business proposal carefully and promptly and ensuring seamless collaboration.

We vet every potential supplier thoroughly to ensure that they comply with the COREX Logistics values.

This due diligence allows us to

  • minimise risk
  • comply with legal requirements
  • ensure best business practices.

In this way, we build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers that last for many years.

There’s power in partnership — the power to drive long-lasting change. COREX Logistics has long believed in this power, and has a history of changing lives through collaboration and shared approaches.

We are constantly seeking new partners to generate fresh, diverse ideas and approaches; to create mutual benefit and to change lives for the better. Why not get in touch with us today?


Our partnership opportunities


We’re supply experts — could working together benefit us mutually?


Let us know about your products and services and see how working together could benefit everyone?


At COREX, we pride ourselves on getting products from development to delivery. Let’s take it to the next level.

Courier Services

With a broad network of partners, COREX covers a lot of ground. Together, we could cover even more.


Let’s put our heads together.


Let’s come to a mutual understanding and speak the languages our customers and suppliers will understand.

Office Supply

If you think your products would fit our needs perfectly, then let’s talk.


If you have facilities or warehousing to keep goods for clinical trials, let's connect.

Why partner with COREX?

Consultancy and Advice
We know a lot, because we’ve done a lot. We have vast experience and expertise across all areas of Clinical Supply Logistics and the skills to guide in the right direction.
Business intelligence
We are a global company, with global knowledge and contacts around the world to share effectively in our partnership deals.
Vendor management system
The COREX vendor management specialists create and implement deals that run smoothly, have effective results and enhance relationship trust.
Business development
We create bespoke deal structures that create opportunities appropriate to everyone. With a broad range and global outlook, our strategies can perfectly support and complement our partners.
Honour commitments
Integrity, truth and efficiency are in our DNA. We believe in transparency, openness and fairness. We conduct our business with confidentiality and discretion and partner with companies who share our beliefs.
Constant development
COREX is always moving forwards and we join with others who do the same. Our knowledge, our technology, our people — we always have an eye to the future.

Your path to our partnership


Let’s see what we can do together. At COREX, we’re always ready and willing to collaborate.


Let’s get things moving – take the first step with applications and supporting documents.


Let’s look at things carefully. We take the time to evaluate all of our partnerships carefully and ensure that we’re making a good match in line with mutual values.


Let’s talk – agree on our partnership, set timelines and goals.


Let’s make this official – we sign on the dotted line.


Let’s get to work!


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