Return of medicinal products, materials and equipment

COREX Logistics will remove or accept drugs, equipment and clinical trial materials from research centers.

Before starting a clinical study, we study the SDS / MSDS forms (product certificate, which indicates the active ingredients and other parameters). This information is needed to determine if there are any risks during acceptance, which is especially important when it comes to toxic substances or opened packages. Based on these forms, we decide to accept the goods individually or locally.

Processes involved in return of drugs:


We receive the request from the client, which indicates the desired return time, detailed information about what exactly needs to be transported, in what volume and from where.


We agree with the research center on the date and time of pick-up for removal, clarify whether additional packaging materials are needed and space needed for storage.


We receive a return form signed by the client.


We accept returns at our designated return zone in our warehouses. We assign the status "returned product" to the cargo.


In the unloading area we measure the dimensions and weight of the goods. Next, we move the cargo to the return acceptance area, where the logistician accepts the cargo in accordance with the return form.


After acceptance, we send the cargo to the quarantine zone for storage of returns with controlled temperature conditions. Access to this area is restricted. The consignments are stored here until they are transferred for destruction.

Each return procedure involves three specialists: operator, logistician and pharmacist (or pharmacist):

  • the operator is engaged in unloading from the vehicle and placing in the receiving area;
  • a logistics specialist carries out direct acceptance;
  • a pharmacist or pharmacist performs final verification of the return.


Clinical Trial Supply
Clinical Trial Supply

We work directly with trusted manufacturers and authorized distributors.

Laboratory Kits Preparation
Laboratory Kits Preparation

All processes carried out in temperature controlled and secure warehouse facilities.

Marking and labeling of medicinal products
Marking and labeling of medicinal products

In accordance with GxP standards.

Certified destruction of drugs
Certified destruction of drugs

We manage returns and carry out certified destruction of drugs and materials during and at the conclusion of clinical studies.

Quarantine storage of drugs and clinical trial materials
Quarantine storage of drugs and clinical trial materials

Secure storage of all medicinal products in our network of warehouses in all temperature regimes.

Working with labeled drugs in the MDLP system (Russia)
Working with labeled drugs in the MDLP system (Russia)

We have all the necessary technologies and experience to work with labeled goods.


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