The Corporate Culture Guidebook

The Corporate Culture Guidebook

At COREX, our team follows certain customs and holds certain beliefs. We don’t just pay lip service to our strong corporate culture — we live and breathe it. We’ve outlined these rules in a single, comprehensive document called COREX DNA (Discover, Nurture, and Aspire: Empowering Growth at COREX).

To foster team participation and take on board everyone’s valued input, we’ve encouraged all employees to contribute to this document. To see what’s important to Team COREX, simply read it here in our DNA.

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COREX Logistics is a supply and logistics company with headquarters in Ireland, working with pharma and patients to facilitate improved healthcare worldwide.

Our expert international team works across an 80-country network, specialising in the EMEA region, providing the latest in clinical trial logistics technology and systems, cold-chain delivery, temperature-controlled transportation and storage services. From sourcing, procurement and customs clearance, to labelling, returns and destruction, we cover every link in the supply chain. We also run an established Named Patient Programme and provide Patient-Oriented services. With extensive knowledge and on-the-ground insight into our markets, we create innovative solutions with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of patients.

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