Quality Assurance

At COREX Logistics our focus is on the integrity of the cargo we handle and ensuring the safety of patients. Our Quality Team ensures the highest standards by taking a personalized approach to cargo inspections. Thanks to this, we can guarantee the best quality of service in our warehouses.

Quality control stages

Physical control of products (visual inspection)

Our experts analyze all the information on the packaging, its appearance and condition.

Verification of accompanying documents

We check everything: from a package of documents (quality certificates, analyzes, certificates of origin, certificates of issue, etc.) to special documents for technical devices (verification passports, calibration and verification certificates, pedigree certificates, etc.).

Our advantages:

Two-factor quality controlof all drugs and materials

All goodschecked twice: by warehouse specialists and specialists from the Quality Team.

Cross-validation of all transactions

We simultaneously check the information from the client's side and in the COREX Logistics WMS system.


At COREX Logistics every process is checked and double-checked to ensure quality at every stage of every project. Our warehouses and equipment is regularly inspected and verified and we complete annual inventory inspections to maintain our standards.

Tailor-made quality systems specific to client requests

We treat every client as an individual and carefully tailor our processes to fulfil their requirements. Our clients ask and we deliver the highest quality solution.

Final verification by professional pharmacists

They are able to assess the compliance of the documentation with relevant legislation and the physical condition of the product.

Continuous monitoring of transport and storage temperatures

Risk-based quality assurance model

We carry out cross-checks (from the warehouse and the quality department) to avoid mistakes.


Quality management

Our quality management system adheres to all local and regional laws and regulations as well as the guidelines of the ICH, FDA and WHO.

Our quality management system is laid down in standard operating procedures (SOPs). This ensures that our work complies with local and global standards and legislation.

We constantly check that quality and complete information is available in COREX Logistics IT systems. Accounting systems, which may have a critical impact on the quality and quantity of consignments, are constantly validated.

We develop our employees and build skills for autonomous decision-making and analysis of business processes. For this purpose, we develop and deliver special training sessions.

COREX Insight

We improve our business processes continuously to minimize risks and eliminate errors. We do this by adopting international best practices and adapting them to the specifics of clinical trial logistics.

We use COREX Insight's proprietary IT platform for this purpose. Every proposal is reviewed by the project team who identify risks and ways to mitigate them to assure the success of each project..

other services

Clinical Trial Supply
Clinical Trial Supply

We work directly with trusted manufacturers and authorized distributors.

Laboratory Kits Preparation
Laboratory Kits Preparation

All processes carried out in temperature controlled and secure warehouse facilities.

Marking and labeling of medicinal products
Marking and labeling of medicinal products

In accordance with GxP standards.

Return of medicinal products, materials and equipment
Return of medicinal products, materials and equipment

Return, disposal and destruction of investigational products from clinical trials during and at the end of studies.

Certified destruction of drugs
Certified destruction of drugs

We manage returns and carry out certified destruction of drugs and materials during and at the conclusion of clinical studies.

Quarantine storage of drugs and clinical trial materials
Quarantine storage of drugs and clinical trial materials

Secure storage of all medicinal products in our network of warehouses in all temperature regimes.


We work with Clinical Trial Organisations and Healthcare Providers to access and supply potentially life-changing medicines and treatments, and provide practical care and supporting patients and families with tailored solutions.


We procure and deliver as-yet domestically unapproved or unavailable drugs and treatments directly to patients with a serious diagnosis. We handle all customs and regulatory paperwork, and provide additional supports throughout treatment.


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