Cryogenic storage and transport

COREX Logistics provides cryogenic solutions for the transportation and storage of valuable, temperature-sensitive medical supplies and biosamples. These goods must be transported and stored at ultra-low temperatures. To do this, we use liquid nitro-gen, which cools the materials to -196°C, and custom-sized cryogenic storage dewar vessels that maintain temperatures from -150°C and below

We transport and store

biological samples
(tissue sections)

blood, serum, plasma, cellular structures

COREX service – Dewar Flasks
  • We transport and store biological samples in liquid nitrogen
  • We can deliver and store materials in our equipment or in the customer's own equipment.
  • We have a refueling and maintenance service for the Dewar flasks.


We use high-quality equipment rigorously tested for quality control
As your trusted partner we ensure efficient, safe and trouble-free transport and delivery of your goods.
We accept applications through your personal account — just specify the number of the centres and the date of collection
We allow only employees with IATA certificates to work with your goods


We’re here to help.
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