Customs clearance of medical cargo

We are well aware of how important delivery times are for medical goods to ensure safety and quality. COREX Logistics carries out customs clearance of medical cargo in the shortest possible time. We pre-prepare all documentation and minimize potential adjustments to ensure goods can pass through customs with efficiency and speed.

We guarantee that the temperature regime will be observed throughout the entire route, including the customs clearance process.

Stages of customs
clearance of medical cargo:


Determination of tariffs in accordance with the commodity nomenclature code.


Development and coordination with customs of a complete package of documents.


Payment of all duties, taxes and payments.


Online monitoring of temperature control.


Customs clearance in no more than 48 hours.

Our services for
customs clearance:

Elaboration of non-tariff regulations and preparation of all necessary permits.      

Cargo clearance in full compliance with customs procedures.      

Consulting on all stages of customs clearance and tracking through our online system.  

Customs clearance of goods outside countries of the Customs Union and further transportation.  

Preparation of permits for materials of clinical trials:

  • medicinal products : investigational medicinal products, comparators and concomitant medications;
  • biological samples and materials;
  • laboratory kits for clinical trials;
  • medical devices;
  • other materials for clinical trials.


Importation of laboratory equipment and medical products
Importation of laboratory equipment and medical products

Efficient importation and delivery of clinical trial ancillary supplies.


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