At COREX Logistics, we work toward a single goal: to help make the world a better place through exceptional logistics services. Whether you're a big pharma company or a patient in need, we are committed to making a difference and helping to create a brighter future for all.

At COREX Logistics, our services set us apart from the competition.



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Our team makes us different. They’re our greatest strength, with each and every member sharing the same values and staying focused on our mission — to improve the lives of patients. The COREX Team’s expertise and care is crucial to devising and expertly carrying out the bespoke solutions that we create for our clients and for patients.

After all, behind each project and every delivery we undertake is someone's life.



We are always proactive and strive to come up with productive and effective new ideas and solutions to help as many people as possible.



We started working remotely before it became mainstream, so we can confidently say that our carbon footprint is minimal.


Always Alert

Our team is distributed across all of the countries in which COREX has a presence and, as such, can quickly respond to any logistics request — even the most complex.


Our culture is what sets us apart, what defines us as a team and what drives us towards success. It's how we feel things should be done and our way of doing them, it’s the values we hold, the relationships we build with each other and how we interact with our clients.



We all know that achieving business goals is a huge incentive — the big payoff for all that day to day slog! But, being real, we all need cash flow to not only keep the lights on but to invest in continued growth for the future. As with any business, operating successfully and generating revenue motivates us to work hard, come up with new ideas, and provide value to our customers.  But profit isn't just about personal gain. At COREX, it's about putting back in — building a strong, sustainable business that benefits everyone involved. By generating revenue, we can invest in our team, improve our products and services, and give back to the community through charitable donations and volunteer work. So, let's keep our eyes on the prize and remember that making money isn't a dirty word — it's what allows us to keep doing what we love and making a positive impact in the world.


Right People at the Right Place

When it comes to hiring, we know that finding the right person for the job is key to success. But it's not just about skills and experience — we also need to make sure the candidate is a good fit for our company. When we hire someone who aligns with our values and culture, it can have a big impact on productivity and team morale. Plus, it’s practical, saving us money long term by reducing turnover and training costs. So we're not just looking for a set of skills when we hire staff — we’re looking at the overall picture, seeing how the person will fit into our team and overall company culture. When we find that perfect match, everyone wins!



At COREX, we believe that showing respect and creating a sense of belonging — basically, treating others well, is key to our success. When people feel valued and appreciated, it motivates them to give 100% every day. A positive attitude is contagious and it shows in our work and in the way we interact with others. By empowering the right people in the right roles, we build a team that is passionate, committed, and dedicated to achieving success. When that team works together, and supports each other, it helps to build a reputation as a company that people want to work, engage and do business with. Together, we can make great things happen!


Automated solutions play a critical role in the logistics industry by streamlining processes, reducing errors, and improving efficiency. Automated processes help us make decisions quickly and without error and assure the quality of products and service.

At COREX, our seamless digital ecosystem covers everything from state-of-the-art temperature-controlled transport and warehouse storage, to document, billing and learning management plus a user-friendly customer portal, along with a unique internal reporting system. We aim to always stay one step ahead when it comes to technology to ensure faster, innovative, efficient and cost- effective logistics solutions.


Automation of routine processes

Bar-coding systems and robotic notification systems operate continuously — without the need for downtime.


Convenient Solutions for every client

Mobile applications for couriers, API integration with external transport vendors, a user-friendly interface that speaks the client's language — we know how to make your project convenient for you.


Error warning system and GPS cargo tracking

We keep our finger on the pulse so that all our deliveries always arrive on time without failure.

OUR quality solutions

Quality solutions are an essential part of providing top-notch logistics services and at COREX, quality is in our DNA. Our quality management systems adhere to all local and regional laws and regulations and comply with international specifications and guidelines. The highest of standards are observed at every step of the process, both internally and externally. Even the smallest details are checked and double-checked by our specially-trained personnel who give monitoring the utmost priority attention.


INSIGHT full feedback system

Our unique IT platform with the ability to immediately receive error messages, solutions and suggestions from both company employees and clients.


SPEAK UP culture

We don’t hesitate to admit mistakes. Therefore, each member of the COREX team quickly addresses possible errors so that we can quickly rectify them promptly and improve our processes. Each team member actively participates in this system of continuous improvement of our service quality.


Training system

We are constantly improving our services and ourselves, using a live training program.

OUR communication solutions

As part of a wider industry, we not only participate in, but also shape the conversation. We work in a community of professionals and market leaders in medical logistics where there is a wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas to be shared. Interacting with our peers, facilitating and creating trends, provoking conversation and ideas are a key part of what we believe will take the world forward.


Consultancy services

Sharing knowledge is highly beneficial to everyone, so we conduct training for clients and partners on issues relating to the logistics sector.



At COREX Academy, we bring together industry experts to exchange experience and expand our networking.

If you're looking for a partner who can help you improve your logistics operations and deliver better patient care, COREX Logistics is the choice for you. Join us on our mission to create a better world through logistics solutions.


We’re here to help.
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