Importation of unregistered drugs for vital indications

Thanks to specific programs for the importation of drugs for vital indications, doctors and patients can access certain drugs that are not yet registered in a specific country, but are successfully used in other territories.

Local regulations, terminology (Managed Access Program, Expanded Access Program, Early Access Program) and legal requirements applicable to such programs may vary from country to country. However, all such programs are united by a single goal - to provide an opportunity for patients to benefit from novel and effective treatments.

COREX Logistics has extensive experience managing the processes necessary for these programs. We also recognize the growing demand access to unregistered drugs for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. Our expert team offers full cycle solutions relating to the supply and importation of drugs in these circumstances. This includes managing all aspects involved including obtaining relevant permits and permissions for importation across our regions of operation, providing appropriate storage and transportation, gaining customs clearance and delivery of drugs.

Steps involved in importing unregistered
drugs for specified health reasons:


Preparation of documentation

for obtaining an import license in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements.


Obtaining permit for importation in a timely manner


Expediting customs clearance


Delivery of the drug in compliance

with required temperature regime.


Customs clearance of medical cargo
Customs clearance of medical cargo

Comprehensive customs services to ensure safe and efficient transport and delivery of clinical supplies.

Importation of laboratory equipment and medical products
Importation of laboratory equipment and medical products

Efficient importation and delivery of clinical trial ancillary supplies.


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