Marking and labeling of medicinal products

When conducting international clinical trials, medicinal products may be additionally labeled. Such labeling may contain information on extending the shelf life or a description of the medicinal product in several languages. International research drugs that are procured locally also require labeling.

COREX Logistics will promptly agree on the design of the label, produce and apply the marking in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. Marking takes place in a temperature controlled area, where video recording is carried out, which can be provided to the client upon request.

COREX Logistics services
for additional labeling of medicinal products:

Label design for a specific drug.

Approbation of the label and coordination of the type of marking with the client / manufacturer.

Printing labels, including on paper that will not peel off at low temperatures from –15°С to –85°С.

Application of markings in the appropriate temperature zone (warm zone, +2 ... +8°С, –20°С, –70°С).

Release and double check of packages manually, including numbered.

Shipment of drugs from the warehouse.

How labeling is done

The project manager coordinates the labeling form with the client, signs it with the warehouse manager and sends it to the warehouse for labeling. Before moving to the marking area, we check that the area is empty. The marking involves a verifier-pharmacist and a logistician who glues the labels. Before and after labeling, we always check the amount of drugs or materials and the number of labels. For this, the logistician and the verifier-pharmacist sign in a special form.
How labeling is done

COREX Logistics advantages:

We train and certify warehouse employees for additional labeling of drugs.
We carry out labeling in specially equipped temperature-controlled areas in our warehouses.  
We follow all stages of marking in our online warehouse management system.
We work in full compliance with the requirements of GxP and local legislation.


Clinical Trial Supply
Clinical Trial Supply

We work directly with trusted manufacturers and authorized distributors.

Laboratory Kits Preparation
Laboratory Kits Preparation

All processes carried out in temperature controlled and secure warehouse facilities.

Return of medicinal products, materials and equipment
Return of medicinal products, materials and equipment

Return, disposal and destruction of investigational products from clinical trials during and at the end of studies.

Certified destruction of drugs
Certified destruction of drugs

We manage returns and carry out certified destruction of drugs and materials during and at the conclusion of clinical studies.

Quarantine storage of drugs and clinical trial materials
Quarantine storage of drugs and clinical trial materials

Secure storage of all medicinal products in our network of warehouses in all temperature regimes.


We work with Clinical Trial Organisations and Healthcare Providers to access and supply potentially life-changing medicines and treatments, and provide practical care and supporting patients and families with tailored solutions.


We procure and deliver as-yet domestically unapproved or unavailable drugs and treatments directly to patients with a serious diagnosis. We handle all customs and regulatory paperwork, and provide additional supports throughout treatment.


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