Vaccine delivery and storage

We deliver vaccines in full compliance with specified temperature requirements. Our divisions and partners operate in Ukraine, Georgia, and other CIS countries, as well as in Ireland. Ensuring the utmost care and professionalism, we prioritize the integrity and effectiveness of the products throughout the supply chain. This commitment extends to all regions we serve, guaranteeing the health and safety of the communities that depend on us.



Deliver vaccines safely with guaranteed cold chain compliance.


Implement express delivery of vaccines with complex logistics across our regions of operation.


Safely store vaccines in licensed world-class warehouses with constant temperature monitoring.


Move vaccines and other drugs from production sites to the central warehouses.


Provide validated thermoboxes and sensors for continuous temperature control, validated transport to maintain temperature conditions: +2 ...   + 8; -18 ...- 25; -70 ...- 85 along the entire transportation route.

How we transport and store vaccines

During delivery, we strictly adhere to the temperature conditions 

and transport conditions. Our vehicles are equipped with temperature, tilt, dynamic load, tampering and handling sensors. As well as visual and audible cargo condition monitoring systems in the driver's cab.

The temperature recorders' readings are monitored after each stage of transportation during unloading.

Vaccine Transportation

We use only tried and tested equipment from industry leaders to store vaccines. Validation of our equipment is carried out both under the conditions declared by the manufacturer and our own more stringent conditions.

Freezers are equipped with real-time personnel alerting devices. And in the event of a power failure, the system immediately switches to the back-up power supply. In this way, guaranteeing the safety of the load even in the event of abnormal situations.


We provide a full range of vaccine logistics solutions - from storage in our certified warehouses to cargo insurance.

We have extensive experience working with both large government customers and corporations, and with small to medium sized firms.

We have a highly skilled team and carefully vet and select our partners.

Thanks to our personnel training system (LMS), we guarantee a high level of knowledge among our employees of all the processes involved in vaccine storage and transport.

We use innovative modeling and forecasting techniques to build an optimal supply chain.

We use our own validated warehouse management system (WMS) and transport management (TMS).

We conduct electronic document management and provide professional support in relation to regulatory processes and customs clearance.

ISO 9000: 2015, GxP compliant.


Patient Oriented Services
Patient Oriented Services

We help Pharma to help patients from import approvals to a handhold throughout the treatment process.

Temperature controlled transportation and storage services
Temperature controlled transportation and storage services

In compliance with the GDP standards, we guarantee the safety and quality.

COREX Logistics Courier service
COREX Logistics Courier service

Use of leading packaging solutions and use of calibrated data-loggers.

How we transport
How we transport

Remote temperature monitoring at each stage of the project.

Direct-to-patient Delivery
Direct-to-patient Delivery

On time and in compliance with required temperature regime.

Cryogenic storage and transport
Cryogenic storage and transport

Cryogenic storage dewars for the transportation and storage for samples stored at temperatures of -150°C or colder.

Global logistics for clinical trials
Global logistics for clinical trials

Full-cycle solutions including import/export of drugs, comparison drugs and concomitant therapies and bio-samples.


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