Clinical Trial Supply

COREX Logistics directly works with manufacturers and official distributors to supply quality products at competitive prices.

We know procurement specifics for named patients, laboratory use, and clinical research, including batch and expiry requirements. In addition, our procurement team provides complete quality paperwork following the requirements for each project.

Our network includes suppliers from over 80 countries. We procure and deliver:

  • Drugs for Analytical Testing, Clinical Trials, and Managed Access Programs;

  • Medical devices;

  • Ancillary supplies/Consumables;

  • Reagents and standard samples;

  • Equipment for laboratories, pharmaceutical warehouses, and manufacturers.

COREX Logistics complies with GDP standards and cold chain requirements at every step to guarantee the safe delivery of clinical supplies.



We work directly with manufacturers and official distributors in more than 80 countries.

We comply with GxP standards and the cold chain requirements – No breaks in supply for ten years of practice.

We offer quality products at optimum prices only from trusted and approved sources.

We have no volume limitations and proactively work with every request starting from 1 pack.

We plan and ship just-in-time, optimizing supply plans for each project.

We provide a full range of services and regulatory issues, not just procurement on EXW.

We are constantly monitoring market changes to offer alternatives and share all additional information with our customers so that they can make an informed choice.

We share our knowledge and exchange opinions with medical and pharmaceutical communities via COREX Academy.

We value our customers’ confidentiality and do not disclose any data without consent.

We procure products based on clinical and pre-clinical research requirements, including quality documentation, batch, and expiry.

We are one of the top 5 wholesale suppliers in the oncology segment for clinical trials and among the top 3 in all NPP/MAP imports in the EMEA region.

We provide all required documents, including a Certificate of Analysis (COA).


Advanced reservation and procurement of original drugs and generics, reagents, materials, and equipment for clinical research and named patient programs
Preordering of medical products at the manufacturers
Search of the products with the required characteristics on batches, manufacturing sites, expiry details, and lead time
Regulatory support and consultancy at all the stages of the procurement process, including obtaining the required authorizations for import and export
Rental of equipment for clinical trials
Organization of import/export procedures and customs clearance of medical cargos
Supply and importation of unregistered drugs for analytical testing and clinical trials with the required quality documentation
Additional labeling of medicinal products and clinical trial materials in accordance with GxP standards
Storage and delivery of medicinal products in a required temperature regime, temperature monitoring at each stage of the project
Return and recall clinical trial materials; Organization of certified destruction of the unused products


Laboratory Kits Preparation
Laboratory Kits Preparation

All processes carried out in temperature controlled and secure warehouse facilities.

Marking and labeling of medicinal products
Marking and labeling of medicinal products

In accordance with GxP standards.

Return of medicinal products, materials and equipment
Return of medicinal products, materials and equipment

Return, disposal and destruction of investigational products from clinical trials during and at the end of studies.

Certified destruction of drugs
Certified destruction of drugs

We manage returns and carry out certified destruction of drugs and materials during and at the conclusion of clinical studies.

Quarantine storage of drugs and clinical trial materials
Quarantine storage of drugs and clinical trial materials

Secure storage of all medicinal products in our network of warehouses in all temperature regimes.


We work with Clinical Trial Organisations and Healthcare Providers to access and supply potentially life-changing medicines and treatments, and provide practical care and supporting patients and families with tailored solutions.


We procure and deliver as-yet domestically unapproved or unavailable drugs and treatments directly to patients with a serious diagnosis. We handle all customs and regulatory paperwork, and provide additional supports throughout treatment.


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