Patient Oriented Services

At COREX Logistics, our goal is to provide patients directly with an early access to potentially life-improving or-saving treatments. We work with healthcare providers and Clinical Trial Organizations to source and procure medicines which might otherwise be inaccessible to seriously ill patients, be they orphan drugs, or perhaps medicines as-yet unregulated in the home country of the patient, but approved elsewhere, and we then deliver those named patient drugs direct to the patient or their healthcare provider.
Our services include import approvals, customs clearance, receipt and verification, temporary special storage services and courier delivery.

Not only that, but we then provide a handhold throughout the treatment process, making the experience of the patient and their families easier. This patient-centric approach has proven benefits for both patients and CTO’s, affecting outcomes and changing lives.



A lack of transport to avail of treatment at a healthcare facility or clinical trial site can exacerbate the stress a patient already feels. We will directly transport or arrange taxi transfers to and from treatment sessions or use specialized transport to convey and escort them and also provide travel-related support (such as rail or air) where required.


When a patient is unable to attend a separate location for treatment, COREX will bring the treatment to them with direct delivery of medicines and then collect and return unused or unwanted materials


Physical illness takes its toll on mental health. Worry, anxiety, fear, depression all go hand in hand with a diagnosis of serious illness, all problems in themselves which can hamper physical recovery. Seeing a need for emotional assistance in patients, we provide access to psychological support during their treatment to help them cope with a difficult time and to benefit from the positive impact of managing their mental health.


At a time of stress and upheaval, even the simplest things can feel impossible to manage. To help lighten a patient’s burden we provide meal delivery and food vouchers to ensure our patients can take care of their most basic needs without additional stress.


Where medical procedures related to the trial can be conducted from the patient’s home, COREX can facilitate a home nursing service. We will also collect biological specimens from the patient and transport them to the lab.


A period of treatment can create huge financial pressures and worries. With this in mind, COREX can facilitate payments to both the investigation team and study subjects.


Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest change. We offer practical services like a medication adherence programme and the provision of additional material (e.g., diaries).


Temperature controlled transportation and storage services
Temperature controlled transportation and storage services

In compliance with the GDP standards, we guarantee the safety and quality.

Vaccine delivery and storage
Vaccine delivery and storage

Rapid, secure and safe storage, transportation and delivery of vaccines in strict compliance with specified temperature regimes.

COREX Logistics Courier service
COREX Logistics Courier service

Use of leading packaging solutions and use of calibrated data-loggers.

How we transport
How we transport

Remote temperature monitoring at each stage of the project.

Direct-to-patient Delivery
Direct-to-patient Delivery

On time and in compliance with required temperature regime.

Cryogenic storage and transport
Cryogenic storage and transport

Cryogenic storage dewars for the transportation and storage for samples stored at temperatures of -150°C or colder.

Global logistics for clinical trials
Global logistics for clinical trials

Full-cycle solutions including import/export of drugs, comparison drugs and concomitant therapies and bio-samples.


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