5 key factors when choosing a logistics provider in the pharmaceutical industry 14 May 2020

5 key factors when choosing a logistics provider in the pharmaceutical industry

The logistics provider is a vital link between the product manufacturer and the final consumer. Their role is to execute an effective supply chain. In the pharmaceutical industry, most medicines, vaccines, and biomaterials for clinical research require strict temperature control. Therefore, the logistics provider must have warehouse facilities and equipment designed to meet all required storage and transportation conditions at each and every stage. 

5 key factors to consider when choosing the right logistics provider:

1.Reputation and experience in the pharmaceutical market: COREX Logistics experts recommend that when assessing a provider you should: 

(a) Read information about the company's activities and client case studies on the company's website.

(b) Read third-party reviews from reputable sources.

(c) Examine publications in the media and on social networks by and about the company.

2.Compliance with industry and GxP standards: Companies that are licensed and certified often publish relevant documentation on their website. Check that your provider can provide evidence of compliance with recognized international and regional standards.

3. Innovation and flexibility: The right provider will demonstrate and provide evidence of keeping up to date with the latest industry innovations and technology. Ability to adapt to changing market conditions and requirements is important to any provider seeking to provide high quality services. An example is the development of new services and logistics schemes during a pandemic to ensure uninterrupted supply to customers.

4.The expertise of the team: Make sure that you find out as much as possible about the skills and expertise of the provider’s team. Ask questions about the services and evaluate the competence of the consultation. Request a commercial offer and see if all your requirements are met. Specify whether the company holds industry focused events. If the company is organizing webinars in the near future, register, connect and evaluate the speakers ' expertise and the information shared. A team that shows it has expertise to share in all aspects of clinical supply and logistics is an important indicator of a reliable provider.

5. Customer-oriented approach: A transparent scheme of cooperation, fixing the cost of the project before it starts, a system of discounts and bonuses, client days and business breakfasts in the company demonstrate the organization's concern for partners. Finding a provider that adapts its service offerings to each individual client is important to ensure your specific needs are delivered.

A comprehensive assessment of these 5 key factors will help you make the right decision and find a logistics partner that will help your projects succeed.

Common pitfalls to avoid when choosing a logistics service provider

Here are some of “red flags” that should cause concern when choosing a provider:

1. Lack of clear or validated information about the experience of a logistics provider in the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Vagueness about the duration of the projects. An experienced logistics service provider regularly analyzes the situation on the pharmaceutical market, works out alternative logistics schemes and knows the exact time frame within which a particular service will be implemented, even in the event of a force majeure situation.

3. Lack of transparency for example outdated data on the company website, and incomplete IT solutions. 

4. Evidence of a lack of customer focus for example long response times (more than 48 hours) and incompetence of the organization's managers.

5. Lack of clear pricing and, as a result, possible increase in the cost of the project during its implementation.

We hope that the recommendations from the COREX Logistics team will help you choose a reliable logistics provider in the pharmaceutical and clinical research market.

COREX Logistics is an international provider of clinical trial supply and logistics solutions. Established in 2011, the Company is a leader in the area of clinical research logistics is a logistics company, based in Ireland, with in-depth expertise in the EMEA region. COREX Logistics expert team is committed to providing innovative and exceptional services to global pharma and biopharma sectors. COREX Logistics is trusted by

over 500 international and local pharmaceutical companies, contract research centers and charitable foundations to provide tailored solutions that deliver unbeatable results.

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