Clinical research leaders turn out in force for COREX’s Breakfast with a Logistician in Kyiv 17 Dec 2019

Clinical research leaders turn out in force for COREX’s Breakfast with a Logistician in Kyiv

Corex’s latest Breakfast with a Logistician event was a resounding success.

The event took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 10 December 2019. It attracted over 60 leaders in clinical research including participants from the Top-15 of international pharmaceutical companies and CROs. Attendees included clinical trials directors and heads of CROs including Pfizer, Abbott, AbbVie, PPD, and Teva.


The Kyiv event featured a keynote presentation from Sergiy Rasputnyak, Head of the Laboratory and Clinical Practice Audit Department of the State Expert Center, Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 


Mr Rasputnyak gave an update of main trends in clinical trials and legal requirements relating to clinical research in Ukraine. He confirmed an increase in the number of clinical trials taking place in Ukraine (see below for table illustrating positive trends in clinical trial excerpted from Mr Rasputnyak’s presentation). This upward trend means that the demand for clinical supply and logistics services will grow substantially.

Clinical trials in Ukraine: Trends 2010-2019


Light blue indicates clinical trials initiated by international sponsors / Dark blue indicates clinical trials initiated by domestic sponsors

Supply and logistics global trends

Sergii Mironenko, chairman of the Ukrainian Association for Clinical Researchers , presented an overview of global trends in clinical trial supply and logistics. He noted a significant increase in cold chain delivery in comparison with previous years. He also highlighted the transformation of China into a global pharmaceutical “superpower” and stressed the impact of this development on the logistics sector in general. In terms of challenges, Mr Mironenko raised the issue of problems with comparators sourcing and clinical supply and the potential impact this will have on the sector.


Risk management

Vitaliy Shakhnazarov, Quality Director, COREX provided an in-depth account of Corex’s risk management model for attendees. He used a specific example of a sponsored project to illustrate how to apply a risk analysis at every stage of a project to ensure the optimum result.


Networking and problem-solving opportunities

In addition to presentations attendees took full advantage of the networking opportunities offered by the Kyiv event. The Kyiv Breakfast with a Logistician event also provided a valuable forum for participants to learn from each other how to tackle current and future challenges in clinical research to ensure greater efficiencies and smoother development processes.

Thank you and see you in 2020

COREX would like to thank the speakers and all of those who attended Breakfast with a Logistician in Kyiv and helped to make the event such a success. With the increase in clinical trials in Ukraine and accompanying growth in demand for logistics and supply services COREX looks forward to hosting similar events in the coming year.

COREX would also like to express its gratitude to everyone who has participated in Breakfast with a Logistician throughout 2019. We look forward to hosting more of these events in 2020!

What is Breakfast with a Logistician?

Breakfast with a Logistician is an innovative event concept developed by COREX where industry experts can discuss the most relevant and up-to-date issues in the field of clinical research logistics relating to Ukraine, Georgia and Eastern Europe. At each event the chosen topic is addressed from different perspectives - that of the regulator, an independent auditor, a CRO, and a clinical logistics specialist.

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