Clinical Trials in Ukraine: Overcoming Obstacles 18 Apr 2023

Clinical Trials in Ukraine: Overcoming Obstacles

Amidst ongoing conflict, political and economic instability, and the Russian invasion, Ukraine has managed to maintain a strong presence in the field of clinical trials. Western pharmaceutical and biotech companies have traditionally viewed Ukraine as an invaluable testing center for the production of new medicines and promising therapies. 


One of the key advantages of conducting clinical trials in Ukraine is the country's well-developed healthcare system. Ukraine has a large network of hospitals and medical centers, which makes it easier to recruit patients for clinical trials. According to data from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, there are over 65,000 doctors and over 310,000 healthcare workers in the country, serving a population of approximately 42 million people.

Another advantage of conducting clinical trials in Ukraine is the country's favorable regulatory framework. The Ukrainian government has implemented a number of reforms aimed at streamlining the approval process for clinical trials, which has helped attract more investment in this area. As a result, the average approval time for a clinical trial in Ukraine is approximately 60 days, faster than many other countries in the region.

One often-overlooked aspect of clinical trials is the need for related goods, such as syringes, needles, and other medical supplies. In Ukraine, these consumables are readily available, both branded ones imported into the country and besides with over 1.3 billion syringes and needles produced locally in the country in 2021, along with more than 66 million units of bandages, gauze, and other medical supplies. This availability allows companies to purchase these items directly in Ukraine, avoiding delays in deliveries from abroad.


Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict and Russian invasion, clinical trials are continuing in Ukraine. As of March 2023, there were 262 ongoing clinical trials in the country, with a total of 23,274 patients participating. These trials span a broad range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, cardiology, and infectious diseases.

Despite the interruption of some clinical trials due to military operations and logistical difficulties, the Ukrainian clinical trials sector is on the road to recovery. As Clinical Trials Arena reported in August 2022, while safety remains paramount, it is clear that diseases will not stop due to war. People continue to get sick and need medicines that will help and save them. Therefore, Ukraine is gradually returning to the mainstream of clinical trials, although not as quickly as desired. Nonetheless, the work continues, and there is a continued need for medical products and consumables, to support clinical trials in the country.

Despite ongoing conflict with Russia for over a year, Ukraine's pharmaceutical industry has continued to make heroic efforts to maintain existing clinical trials. However, everyone in the industry is hopeful that international companies will once again begin conducting new clinical trials in Ukraine as life gradually returns to normal. In fact, the experience gained during this difficult time has made Ukrainian specialists even more resilient and capable of coping with challenging situations.

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