Contactless services 20 May 2020

Contactless services

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, COREX Logistics has been committed to keeping clinical research on track by developing specific processes to ensure the continuity of our client-focused services.

As well as ensuring continuity and efficacy of our logistics services we have made the health and safety of all participants in logistics chain our priority. One way we are doing this is by using “contactless” methods for receiving and transporting medicines.

“Contactless” methods minimize infection risks so that clinical trials can continue, and patients can have access to medications during the COVID-19 outbreak. These procedures will remain in effect for as long as social distancing measures are recommended.

COREX Logistics contactless delivery and enhanced safety measures

Before receiving or delivering, the Customer Service Department of COREX Logistics contacts the sender or recipient by phone to notify them of compliance with social distancing procedures in place. This information and phone contacts are sent to the COREX Logistics courier.

All cars are disinfected both before leaving for the route and during the day. All equipment, including thermal boxes and sensors, is also disinfected. Couriers are provided with protective equipment: masks, gloves, and sanitizers.

Contactless drug delivery by the COREX Logistics courier is performed in two stages:

Step 1. Transfer of goods from the sender to the COREX Logistics courier.
• The courier contacts the sender 30 minutes before arrival. A separate pocket of the thermobox case contains the instructions and accompanying documents required for the sender.
• The courier verifies the sender's identity while keeping a safe distance, then picks up the parcel from the sender.
• The social distance between the sender and the courier is 2 meters. The sender independently places the goods in the thermobox and signs the accompanying documents. If necessary, the courier can verbally advise the sender on any questions that arise while maintaining 2 meter distance.
• The courier signs the accompanying documents on their side, activates the thermologger and closes the thermobox.
• The courier disinfects the external walls of the equipment and places it in a pre-disinfected vehicle.

Step 2. Transfer from the COREX Logistics courier to the recipient.
• The courier contacts the recipient by phone 30 minutes before their arrival.
• Before starting the delivery process, the courier places the necessary instructions and accompanying documents in a separate pocket of the thermobox cover.
• The distance between the courier and the recipient is 2 meters.
• The recipient extracts the content from the thermobox and signs the accompanying documents.
• The courier can verbally advise the recipient on any questions that arise while keeping prescribed social distance.
• If necessary, the recipient can independently deactivate the thermologger record and download the report from it according to the attached instructions. Then the courier signs the accompanying documents on their side.
• The courier disinfects the external walls of the equipment and places it in a pre-disinfected vehicle.

Advantages for the customer of " contactless delivery”:
• Contactless delivery is designed to protect all participants (sender, courier and receiver) at every stage of pick-up and delivery.
• Customers can be assured that COREX Logistics is taking every precaution to protect patients, partners and staff during the pandemic.
• The “contactless” approach is an effective measure to help ensure the continuity of clinical research.

Contact phone numbers:
• for queries in Europe +353 01 903 6076
• for requests in Ukraine +38 044 495 60 41
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