COREX Academy webinar: review

COREX Academy webinar: review

On February 25th, we hosted the latest COREX Academy webinar on the importation of unregistered drugs and medical supplies into Ukraine. Featuring presentations from Country Head of COREX Ukraine Natalia Yanchuk,  Elena Kadkina, Procurement Director of COREX Logistics, and Director of Quality at COREX Logistics Vitaly Shakhnazarov, the event dealt with the following topics:

  • When the importation of unregistered drugs and supplies is permitted. 

  • The specifics of importation of unregistered drugs based on vital indications of a single patient.

  • Information about the processes involved in importing products for preclinical or clinical trials.

  • The regulatory specifics of importing unregistered drugs.

Natalia Yanchuk gave an overview of the latest regulations and key issues arising from the ongoing pandemic. She answered questions on the pros and cons of Named Patient Programs (NPP) and the importation of orphan drugs.

Elena Kadkina, discussed the details of procurement and importation in the clinical trials sector and gave tips on picking the right supplier while Vitaly Shakhnazarov explained the legalities regarding the importation of unregistered drugs and customs requirements.

The presentations prompted lively discussion and questions which Natalia Yanchuk and Vitaly Shakhnazarov were pleased to answer. In our following posts on social media, we will share the most interesting themes. We look forward to discussing whether the apps for medical diagnostics have to be considered as medical supplies and what documents the patient needs for the importation of the unregistered drugs for personal use.   

This webinar is part of a series of events hosted by COREX Academy aimed at supporting cooperation and development in the clinical trials sector.  More events are in the pipeline including those focussed on European audiences. If you have an idea for a topic for our webinars please let us know by emailing

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