COREX Logistics in Ireland: a small island with a big global vision 18 Mar 2021

COREX Logistics in Ireland: a small island with a big global vision

A natural home for a clinical supply and logistics provider with global ambitions

Although Ireland may be small in size with a relatively small population of just under 5 million it is fair to say when it comes to the life sciences it boxes well above its weight.

Ireland is recognized as a global leader in the life sciences sector with an eco-system that allows it to attract some of the leading companies in pharma, biotech and MedTech, as well as supporting a flourishing indigenous sector.

According to Enterprise Ireland the life sciences sector:

  • Exports more than €45 billion annually.

  • Employs over 50,000 people directly.

  • Includes operations of six of the top seven diagnostics companies.

In 2014, COREX Logistics chose Ireland as home to its international headquarters through which it aims to fulfil its global ambitions.

Pharma and biotech

Ireland is home to 24 of the world’s leading pharma and biotech companies — including Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Pfizer, MSD, and Amgen, among many others. Like COREX Logistics, these companies have been attracted to Ireland for a number of reasons. Located at the edge of Europe, Ireland is a well-established member of the European Union with highly competitive globally-focused economy. In 2020, the IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland ranked Ireland as 12th in its index of most competitive economies and 5th in terms of business efficiency. Added to this is the strong education system in Ireland which produces highly skilled professionals with particular strengths in life sciences. Ireland’s English speaking population and location make it the perfect gateway to European and US markets. 

Clinical trials landscape in Ireland

The clinical trials sector in Ireland is undergoing a period of transformation. In the last decade, the Irish Government has invested over €160 million in developing clinical research through the Health Research Board. This investment aims to significantly increase the number of clinical trials in Ireland which will not only benefit individual patients by providing access to novel treatments but will also have positive knock-on effects for the health service and the overall economy. According to a 2019 report by Clinical Research Development Ireland: “On average, each patient participating in a clinical trial will generate a benefit of €13,500 to the economy. Additionally, the health service benefits from medicines worth an average of €5,899 per patient for those participating in clinical trials.” 

Ireland as a base for COREX Logistics’ expansion into international markets

COREX Logistics, a client company of IDA Ireland, continues to develop its presence in Ireland by strengthening connections with industry. In 2021, it will embark on an ambitious new project “Columbus” aimed at exploring new markets in Europe and the US. The project will be led by newly appointed Business Development Director Michelle Devine based in our  Irish HQ.

Find out more about COREX Logistics by visiting our website and follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest news and events.

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COREX Logistics is a supply and logistics company with headquarters in Ireland, working with pharma and patients to facilitate improved healthcare worldwide.

Our expert international team works across an 80-country network, specialising in the EMEA region, providing the latest in clinical trial logistics technology and systems, cold-chain delivery, temperature-controlled transportation and storage services. From sourcing, procurement and customs clearance, to labelling, returns and destruction, we cover every link in the supply chain. We also run an established Named Patient Programme and provide Patient-Oriented services. With extensive knowledge and on-the-ground insight into our markets, we create innovative solutions with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of patients.

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