Going the extra mile for patient care 28 Sep 2022

Going the extra mile for patient care

At COREX Logistics, we believe in putting the patient at the heart of treatment. That belief is at the very core of our Named Patient Programme which accesses as-yet unregistered drugs for patients who will benefit from them.

At COREX, we want to make the life of the patient and their families easier by highlighting their needs and reducing or eliminating the challenges, big and small, in a period of human clinical trials and we have extensive experience in doing so. With the patient in mind, we take things to the next level with our Patient-Oriented Services.

Going the extra mile for the patient breaks down barriers. It enables virtual trials which are becoming more and more a feature of the clinical research landscape. It means that trials can be decentralised which leads to improved recruitment and enables all-important diversity in trial subjects. And by making life that bit easier for the patient, benefits to CTOs include less likelihood of dropout, increased protocol compliance and higher patient retention rates.

Sometimes the patient is required to visit a clinic to have their medication administered or observed, meaning that availability or ease of patient transport might need to be addressed. COREX can facilitate a taxi service for patients, physically escort them to their destination, use specialised transport to convey them to their destination or provide travel related support as required.

Alternatively, or additionally, we will deliver medicinal products directly to the patient and collect used or unused products and materials also.

Another aspect to our service is home nursing where medical procedures related to the trial can be conducted at the patient’s home. We will also collect biological specimens from their home and transport them to the lab.

From a financial point of view, we can facilitate payments to both the investigation team and study subjects.

Sometimes it’s little additional extras that ease the way for the patient and their family the most. We offer practical services like meal voucher deliveries and provision of additional material like diaries. And because mental health is as important as physical health, we can arrange psychological support and facilitate the helping hand of a medication adherence programme.

No one wants to become a patient but, if and when it happens, the more positive the experience can be, the better all round, for both the patient, and the future of disease treatment.


  1. Centering treatment around the patient and their family can make the clinical trial process feel much more manageable. Proper support like we provide at COREX can make all the difference.

  2. Accessing new drugs for a patient is great in itself, but it must really make the entire experience much better to feel that you’re supported the whole way through - from being transported to a clinic or having them delivered to your door to advice and a handhold the whole way through what can be a complicated process.

  3. Proper support during a clinical trial for a patient can completely affect the outcome for both patient and CTO.

  4. A patient-centric approach has proven benefits for both patients and trial organisers. Supporting that is definitely how things should go in the future.

  5. You can’t have clinical research without trial participants who are patients in need of care. Supporting those patients has enormous knock-on effects and will change the face of clinical research in the future for sure.

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COREX Logistics is a supply and logistics company with headquarters in Ireland, working with pharma and patients to facilitate improved healthcare worldwide.

Our expert international team works across an 80-country network, specialising in the EMEA region, providing the latest in clinical trial logistics technology and systems, cold-chain delivery, temperature-controlled transportation and storage services. From sourcing, procurement and customs clearance, to labelling, returns and destruction, we cover every link in the supply chain. We also run an established Named Patient Programme and provide Patient-Oriented services. With extensive knowledge and on-the-ground insight into our markets, we create innovative solutions with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of patients.

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