Ireland is an ideal springboard

Ireland is an ideal springboard
“Ireland is an ideal springboard”

As we celebrate all that is Irish this day - we asked Andrey Tarakanov why he chose the Emerald Isle as a springboard for COREX's global ambitions.

What’s the best thing about living in Ireland?

It may sound like a cliche but it’s got to be the people! The Irish are the warmest, kindest and most open people I have ever come across. It makes it really easy to do business, to have your family here and to become part of the country. I have never regretted for a moment moving here as a family and as a business owner.It’s easy to communicate and work with Irish people, to build relationships - professional and personal.

Doing business in Ireland

Ireland is of course well known as a great business climate. There are a lot of pharmaceutical and biotech companies here and a really global outlook.. The Irish government programmes run by IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland are very effective at supporting young and growing companies. They offer incredible supports through facilitating networking and offering mentoring as well as subsidies and a wide range of other assistance.

Growing globally fr om an Irish HQ

COREX is gradually shifting towards Europe and the US, because we are well established in our current territories and it is time to enter new markets. Ireland, wh ere we have been present for a long time, is an ideal springboard for this transition. We have integrated into the Irish pharma and clinical ecosystem quite well; we know a lot of people, we have good networking, and we are privileged to be a client company of IDA Ireland. They have offices all over the world, and it is a relationship which will certainly help us to move forward.

Creating an internationally-focused working environment

Expanding our markets and shifting our vision to a global one is a big change for us as a company but also for all our team. It is a move that is full of new opportunities for our team, one in which they can work with and in different regions, learn new ways of doing business and enjoy new cultures.

COREX is changing but our commitment to supporting healthcare remains the same

As we embark on new adventures, we are carrying with us all the expertise we have acquired in a decade of supporting clinical research. Although many things may change - with technological advances and new markets- we remain deeply committed to our original vision of delivering healthcare advances to patients to help improve and save lives all over the world.
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