The Logistics of Compassion 17 Jun 2022

The Logistics of Compassion

We’re all conscious of doing our bit for charity to help improve the well-being of others. Usually, our first thought is to contribute money to a cause. We don’t tend to think of supply chains and logistics providers as having a natural philanthropic role, but that’s where we’re wrong. The growth of corporate responsibility means that logistics companies have an ever- growing role in charitable work.

Here are some of the ways in which logistics companies get involved:

  • Creating special solutions for transporting and delivering aid locally and worldwide. Charity discounts can be applied, or goods transported for free, ensuring that it reaches those who need it most.

  • Providing invaluable advice for savings and efficiency on transport.

  • Devising strategies and processes that utilise the strength of the supply chain optimally to ensure low cost, safe and quick delivery.

  • Getting involved in product philanthropy – partnering with companies who donate excess stock to charitable endeavours.

  • Utilising contacts and networks to their full potential to help those in need. Logistics companies such as COREX, with their on-the-ground teams, are uniquely placed to know the best, safest, fastest routes and the people along the way who can help.

  • Offering NPP’s – charities will often provide assistance in obtaining drugs for patients in countries where they’re as yet untested (but approved elsewhere). Logistics companies, such as COREX, can work with charities to facilitate the process from procurement through customs and regulatory approval to door-to-door delivery.

  • Pairing up with organisations who provide support – a good example of this is ALAN – the American Logistics Aid Network – a supply chain network that was set up as a response to Hurricane Katrina and which connects disaster relief organisations with providers of what they need. The network offers all logistic services required – from warehouse space to forklifts.

  • Offering IT services – nonprofits can sometimes be held back by a lack of quality IT support. Logistics companies and their networks can step in here and arm them with access to the tech that they need.

  • Making donations. Some of the biggest names in logistics such as Ryder have set up charitable foundations, and others such as Comprehensive Logistics donate widely to a variety of causes.
The phrase well-being is a multidimensional concept – having health, happiness, comfort - a good quality of life. It’s also what charities and CROs have in common as an end goal. Logistics are among some of the biggest challenges faced by charities and non-profit organisations so it’s good to know that, as logistics providers, we can get involved and really make a difference
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COREX Logistics is a supply and logistics company with headquarters in Ireland, working with pharma and patients to facilitate improved healthcare worldwide.

Our expert international team works across an 80-country network, specialising in the EMEA region, providing the latest in clinical trial logistics technology and systems, cold-chain delivery, temperature-controlled transportation and storage services. From sourcing, procurement and customs clearance, to labelling, returns and destruction, we cover every link in the supply chain. We also run an established Named Patient Programme and provide Patient-Oriented services. With extensive knowledge and on-the-ground insight into our markets, we create innovative solutions with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of patients.

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