The fight against cancer has taken a step into the future as clinical trials begin on the first computer designed antibody in history.

Biologic Design, a unique technology company which reimagines therapeutic antibodies using AI, has created a highly differentiated monoclonal antibody called AU-007.

The antibody harnesses the power of the body’s own interleukin-2 (IL-2) which activates the body’s immune system in order to attack and eradicate solid cancer tumours.

AU-007 is programmed to stimulate the immune system to attack tumours while simultaneously preventing IL-2's causing life-threatening complications which can lead to blood vessel leakage or swelling in the lungs.

Biolojic Design Founder and CEO Yanay Ofran, has explained that the premise of his company’s approach is to design antibodies that have a predetermined, desired effect on the function of a targeted protein.

Biolojic feels that smart therapies are the future of disease treatment, enabling science to create innovative ways to fight illnesses. Their team of world-class team advisors, biologists, immunologists, computational scientists and software engineers are using AI to work on further treatments and therapies which they hope to take to the next level.

Preclinical data on AU-007, a work in progress for more than 10 years, has shown significant success in tumour growth inhibition and a positive rate of tumour elimination. Aulos Bioscience, a spin-off of Biologic, is now recruiting patients in Australia to commence research, with the hopes of reporting interim data later this year.

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